The Brief

Trinity Mirror, across all its site, uses a platform to ‘live blog’ or stream content about a given event or news item. Football games have long been blogged regularly for over three years. However, these pages are not widely used, attracting less than 10,000 views per game. The effort to blog these games is large and the the commercial return on investment is not currently there.

My task was to create a new environment for consumers which increases the engagement on these pages, open up new commercial revenue streams and make a place that people want to return to keep up with football action during live games. Also, I had to take advantage of commercial relationships with third party content suppliers and integrate this into one seamless football experience.

The Challenges

The Process

The insights

The following insights were gathered during the insights and user testing and were used to complete the final interface.

The Solution

Fully responsive website which used limited branding to reduce negative perceptions. Statistical information was accessible at all times through a slide up bar on larger screens and slide out menu on smaller screens. Different content types were create for social feeds, information from the ground, automated statistical feeds and opinion pieces.


Functional Prototype Aggregated Page

Functional Prototype Match Detail Page

Note: These are links to the live prototype created as part of the process. A pop up will appear which is used to simulate the websockets and demonstrate flashing content. Due to licencing restriction I am unable to use real content for this demonstration.