The Brief

The current apps (Android and IOS) used for the flagship publication "The Mirror" and 12 other publications across the country was dated in interface, based on old technology which was incapable of surfacing the full breadth of our content and had very little opportunity for monetisation with the business.

While improving the technology, we would take the opportunity to expand with new monetisation opportunities, improve the interface to re-inspire our existing users and use modern design concepts to create a fluid ecosystem for users.

The Challenges

The Process

The insights

The following insights were gathered during the insights and user testing and were used to complete the final interface.

The Solution

A completely unique card based solution was designed with three different navigation paradigms. This allowed our snakers to quickly flick through content, our lunchers to tailor and consumer what they needed and a more detailed (fully scrollable) experience for our smorgasbord users who wanted to view everything. Creative use of article summaries to embed in native advertising and an article view with retractable navigation and advertising to meet the commercial objectives without getting in the road of the user.

Interaction flows