The brief

Hyundai’s website was 6 years old and proving hard to manage, inflexible and not fit-for-purpose on the modern web. The task was to create a new site for Hyundai which respected the global initiatives, communicated a modern premium brand and was cross channel compatible.

A primary reason for undertaking the site rebuild was to provide a more robust system that would be most cost effective to manage and update, as the previous site was expensive to make even the most minor of changes.

Each dealer for Hyundai also had a bespoke managed website that needed to be incorporated into the site buid (257) that allowed for flexibility depending on the size and nature of the dealer.

The challenge

The process

The insights

The solution

The final site was dynamic with large views of the cars taken in a photographic studio to break down the barriers of people now knowing them. A ‘car configurator’ was created allow people to get a final price of their car by tailoring the options which can often be confusing with the different pricing structures. A specific mobile site was created which catered for people’s needs on mobile during the purchase journey.