The Brief

The current GS Diamonds site was 3 years old and built on the principles of standard e-commerce. The site was not performing well with high bounce rates, limited orders and very little customers engagement.

My task was to redesign a fully responsive site that took into consideration the unique challenges that buying diamonds and setting together bring.

Through research we were abe tounderstand the role of the website in purchase journeys, the complications users face in a very technical subject matter and give confidence to buy major purchases online through an e-commerce shop.

The Challenges

The Process

The insights

The following insights were taken from the research and used as a basis for the design.

The Solution

Using common e-commerce concepts for listing pages was important part of the solution. However, a unfied product page was created that enable people to find related settings or diamonds for their choices guiding them to the next step.

The education section of the site was specifically designed with content that enabled users to ask the right questions when talking about diamonds and how their selections will affect what they can afford.

Since going live the bounces rate of the site has dropped to 20% and orders taken have increased significantly.