The Brief

Westpac was looking to experiments on new ways of creating banking websites. Using one of their smaller brands I was tasked to use new methodologies to create a modern banking website based on the needs of users rather than the common expert lead design process that was current in place.

Using the fundamentals of design thinking, we embarked on a 9 month project to experiment heavily on dfferent ideas to create a new banking website which can be rolled out across all brands.

Through targetted strategic research, design sprint metholodogies and participatory design techniques we created a new and modern approach to a responsive site for the bank of Meblbourne

The Challenges

The Process

The insights

The following insights were taken from the research and testing, and were used as a basis for the design.

The Solution

We create a simpliied navigation and page experience. Using the concept of less is more and transparency is king, we created the first ever 'no terms and conditions' banking experience for Westpace.

The solution was fully responsive and took into consideration the diffreing needs of users across devices and phases of their interactions with the bank.

The site achieved an immediate 20% uplift in conversations after going live for everyday banking products.